Eco-responsible holidays

Where to spend your eco-responsible holidays in the Cévennes?

Are you looking dedicated to ecological holidaying? Then choose the campsite Domaine d’Anglas! Since its creation, the Domain d’Anglas is more than just an ecological campsite in the Cévennes, it is also an organic vineyard. Carole and Roger Gaussorgues and their whole team are committed to sustainable development in line with their strong environmental values. Located in the heart of the gorges of the Hérault, the campsite Domaine d’Anglas is surrounding by exceptional and preserved areas. In an era of over-consumption and destruction, this ecological campsite is leading the way in eco-responsible actions and is concerned for everyone’s well-being.

Rivière des Gorges de l'Hérault


Environmental values of the Domaine d’Anglas

An ecological campsite in the Cévennes

Nature loving and sensitive towards questions concerning the environment, the campsite Domaine d’Anglas has always acted to preserve the ecosystems surrounding it. The campsite is situated in the foothills of the Cévennes Natural Park, and within  the gorges of the Hérault. these two entities are protected on many levels and the campsite has developed its activities in the utmost respect for the fauna and flora for everyone’s well-being.

An eco-responsible label : Clef Verte (Green Key)

Since 2014, the 4-star ecological campsite Domaine d’Anglas has earned the label Clef Verte (Green Key). This is the first international environmental label, and it takes into account all the actors of tourism from housing to catering. This acknowledgement evolves continually : the structure has to commit to an efficient and constant environmental approach in the implementation of each new action.

The Domaine d’Anglas is very conscientious about its environmental impact: It has put in place many guidelines for its clients and its employees to help preserve this fantastic environment:

  • Sorting of waste
  • Water usage: toilets and showers equipped with water consumption reducer, irrigation reduction
  • Respect of surrounding crops: organic vineyard thus no chemicals are used on the 115 hectares belonging to the domain.
  • Management of energy resources: lighting, heating, fridges
  • Sustainable purchasing: eco-responsible cleaning products, locally produced and seasonal food and products
  • No plastics
  • Creation of a 6km walk to promote the respect of nature

Within the philosophical views of the campsite, make the most of our natural swimming pool. Built in 2017, this pool functions by “lagoonage”. This means there are two pools: one of 300m2 to swim in and the other one to filtrate the water thanks to special plants. This means you swim in a pool that uses no chemical products that also has a lovely view onto the Thaurac. A 100% natural decor and a moment of refreshment and well-being guaranteed!


Piscine sans produit chimique

Ecological campsite in the Cévennes and an organic vineyard

An identity

Much more than just an ecological campsite in the Cévennes, the Domaine d’Anglas is also an organic vineyard. In the family since 1896, the Domaine d’Anglas produces organic wines with no added sulphites with 12 hectares of vines classified as the AOP (Appelation d’Origine Protégée, protected geographical production) Terrasses du Larzac. Here, everything is done by hand, from the vines to the cellars. This hard and passionate work translates into refined wines.

Organic vineyard and agropastoralism

Sustainable development is at the heart of the good functioning of the organic vineyard. Located in the foothills of the Cévennes National Park, agropastoralism is a key factor of local culture. This is why, every year in winter, more than 400 sheep come to eat the grass of the vineyard of the Domaine d’Anglas. In collaboration with the shepherd, the flock fertilises naturally the soil and keeps the grass in between vines down. This symbiosis means the vines are well kept without the use of any chemicals and everything is in favour of the environment! This why a sheep has become the emblem of the Domaine d’Anglas and is represented on each wine label.


Agrospastoralisme au Domaine d'Anglas

Explore an organic vineyard

Make the most of your holiday at the at the ecological campsite Domaine d’Anglas in the Cévennes to discover how an organic vineyard works! Each Thursday in summer and Saturday in May, June and September, you can take part in the Winemaker events such as the Wine and Cheese Tour. The wine maker, Roger Gaussorgues will give you a ride in his grape harvesting trailer at the back of his tractor  for a 2:30 hour long immersion in the world of organic wine making. Together, you will visit the cellar, the 100 year old chai and then you will get to experience a wine tasting of their wines. This is a perfect activity for wine and food lovers!


Soirée vigneronne découverte d'un vignoble bio

Eco-responsible camping holidays

This year, for eco-responsible holidays choose the campsite Domaine d’Anglas! In this 4-star campsite in the Cévennes everything has been thought out to include environmental issues.

Unusual rentals

Imagine yourself surrounded by:  nature, garrigue, river, vines, undergrowth and glades, exceptional surroundings that you are sure to fall in love with. First of all, our unusual rentals have been selected with great care concerning their quality and how they fit into their environment. Gypsy caravans, lodges, winemaker cabins, cottages, guest houses and wooden chalets, there is so much to chose from! You prefer to camp? You can come with your tents, camping cars and caravans and stay on one of our pretty and spacious pitches.

Roulottes bohème et repos en famille lors de vacances en Cévennes

Outdoor activities for your eco-responsible holidays in the Cévennes

There is nothing better for your eco-responsible holidays than to be able to take part in loads of family friendly outdoor activities at the campsite! Located in between plains and mountains, make the most of a canoeing trip down the gorges of the Hérault, or go for a walk in the valley of the Buèges, or even a cycling trip on the Séranne. You prefer to be accompanied? What better partner than our friends the animals? Go for  a donkey or a horse ride in the Cirque de Navacelles. Try rock climbing  and the via ferrata at on the cliffs of the Thaurac. There are also many possibilities to try out paragliding, accrobranche, canyoning in a majestic part of France: the gorges of the Hérault.


After all that excitement you will be able to take a well-deserved break in the natural swimming pool or at the riverside at the campsite Domaine d’Anglas.

The ecological campsite Domaine d’Anglas offers you that eco-responsible family holiday that you deserve.