Cave of the Demoiselles

Discover the Cave of the Demoiselles

The Cave of the Demoiselles are often compared to an underground cathedral. The caves are located in the commune of Saint-Bauzille-du-Putois, and are a must-see during your holidays in the Cévennes. They are near Ganges and only a 35 minutes drive from Montpellier, 40 minutes from Anduze and roughly the same from Nîmes. The exceptional site of Languedoc has been classed as a national natural monument to be protected.

Marvel of the underground world, the visit is worthwhile and magical. The cave is also nicknamed the cave of the fairies as legend said that the cave was once inhabited by these mythical creatures. This feeling of enchantment is perpetrated today with the whitish drape of the sparkling stalactites. The biggest part of the cave is a room that is 120m wide, 48 m deep and 52m high.

The cave was first discovered in the 17th century, but was only really explored by Edouard Alfred MARTEL in 1884. At that time,  it took 14 hours to go round the main part of the cave systems. The cave was opened up to the public in 1931 when the tourist funicular was built.


Grotte des Demoiselles


Visit the cave of the Demoiselles

Dive into an extraordinary travel by visiting the Cave of the Demoiselles. In between friends and family, give yourself a moment out of time in the depths of the earth in the Languedoc Roussillon.

A step out of time

The building of the first underground tourist funicular means the caves are now easy to access by the general public. Walk though the different tunnels and rooms to discover these magnificent rock formations that sparkle. The blocks of delicate rock are lit up to bring out the different shapes.  These shapes were sculpted by water over thousands of years, and are all of different shapes and colours. The many stalactites, stalagmites, colons, translucent drapes and calcite flows create a magnificent and fantastic show.

They constitute a veritable library of geological times. A thousand forms are to be admired : gargoyles, organs, royale mantle, but also basin, santons of Provence,…  The most famous shape is called the “virgin and the child” : sculpted by millions of drops of water, the statue sits on its double pedestal and takes your breath away! These elements even impress the fathers of modern speleology (Edouard-Alfred Martel, Robert de Joly…).

True cathedral of the depths, nature has made something marvellous here that was hidden from mankind during centuries! Take part in this unique supernatural journey!

The guided visit lasts an average of 1 hour and 10 minutes and the ambient temperature is of 14-15°C all year round. You will find all useful information to visit the Cave of the Demoiselles at the campsite reception of Domaine d’Anglas.


Grotte des Demoiselles à St Bauzille de Putois


A unique view onto the Cévennes

After the spectacular visit of the Cave of the Demoiselles, at the centre of the earth, give yourself a breather! Make the most of the massif of the Thaurac to appreciate the panoramic 180° view onto the Valley of  the Hérault. You will be able to see the majestic Pic St Loup, to its right the Pic D’Anjeau and further back, the Mont Aigoual.

The most beautiful view of the Cévennes it’s here, at the Cave of the Demoiselles that you will have it : don’t hesitate !


paysage sur la rivière de l'hérault


Camping near the cave of the Demoiselles

The Campsite Domaine d’Anglas enjoys an exceptional situation near the Cave of the Demoiselles. Only minutes from the Cave of the Demoiselles and on the Hérault riverside, the campsite is situated in a charming and natural location. Indeed, it is located at the heart of an organic vineyard of 115 ha, surrounded by an abundant nature.

The Camping of Domaine d’Anglas is an unmissable touristic destination for wine amateurs. During your holidays in the South of France, make the most of all the possible activities such as exploring the vineyard during a “Wine and Cheese Tour“. You can also walk along the 6 km long “sentier vigneron” (Wine Trail) which you are free to follow round the vines. At the end of your walk, you can have a free wine-tasting of organic wines at the shop.

A the 4 star Camping of Domaine d’Anglas, there is a large choice of holiday accommodation such as Gypsy caravans, lodges, wine house, wooden chalets and guesthouses that can have up to 7 people staying in them. For families wanting to have a full immersion into nature, there are several pitches located right next to the river. Once there, make the most of relaxing in the natural swimming pool with a view onto the Thaurac and the Cave of the Demoiselles. Savour the delicious dishes that are lovingly prepared at the campsite restaurant La Bergerie. The restaurant is open every day for lunch and evening meals in July and August.



The Camping of the Domaine D’Anglas  and its team wish you a lovely holiday at the Cave of the Demoiselles.

Local markets

The local markets in cévennes

In the north east of the Occitanie region, in the south of France, what is better than going to a local farmers market to discover the Cévennes and its delicious local produce? Indeed, there is nothing like these markets where you can find good food,  conviviality, charm and joy in the south of France. These are unmissable moments during your holidays at the Campsite Domaine d’Anglas to discover unknown tastes and flavours : local markets in Cévennes !


Farmers markets in the Cévennes: a cultural discovery

A brief history

Farmers markets have always existed in the Cévennes and are now part of local culture. For the Hérault Gorges, to the Valley of the Buèges and Le Vigan or Ganges, most villages still have their weekly market. For the locals, markets are anchored to their everyday life whereas for holiday makers this is a true cultural discovery. Here, all generations come together and mix : young and old.


Marché local dans le Sud de la France



The markets usually start towards 8 a.m. and finish around 1 p.m. Visitors park outside the villages and the streets become pedestrian only. Depending on how the village is built, seller and store holders will put their stalls up on the main square or on the streets, creating a new atmosphere of wondrous smells and roasting meat, olives and fresh bread.


fruits et légumes d'été

A “terroir”

What better way to dive into local culture with the farmer markets? Indeed, it’s in the heart of these quaint villages that passionate producers sell their produce.

Get your basket out and take a stroll through these famers markets to look for fresh and juicy tomatoes, fruit and veg’, locally produced olive oil and discover the Mediterranean way of eating!


You will find in these stalls the emblems of the south of France. Take a moment to savour and taste quality and authenticity :

  • Organic wine AOP Terrasses du Larzac
  • Sweet onions of the Cévennes
  • Pélardon (soft goat cheese) – AOP du Languedoc 
  • Chestnuts and chestnut based products in Valleraugue
  • Apples from Le Vigan
  • Salmon Trout in the Valley on the Vis
  • Olives Lucque ou Picholine in the Valley of the Buéges
  • Asparagus in Vergèze
  • Strawberries among them the local guariguette variety in Nîmes

Terroir local des Cévennes : Pélardon AOP


Where to find these local markets?

From Monday to Sunday, all year round, many villages near the Campsite Domaine d’Anglas, organise their own markets. But each market is different due to the size of the market, the place and which producers are there. Each market also has its own atmosphere. Due to this, whether it be on a Tuesday or a Saturday, at night or in the day, each market is different!


For your holidays to discover the culture of the Cévennes, you will find here the full list of local markets.


étales de fruits et légumes


The essentials of the campsite Domaine d’Anglas :

Here are some of the essential markets that we think  you should not miss :

  • Tuesday mornings from May to September, 20 minutes from the campsite Domaine d’Anglas : the farmers  market of le ViganThere is only local produces!
  • Tuesday evenings from Jully to August 35 minutes from the campsite Domaine d’Anglas: the nocturnal market of Anduze Festivities and local artisans!
  • Thursday mornings, all year round, 35 minutes from the Domaine d’Anglas, Anduze’s market – Festivities & Know-how await you!
  • Friday mornings all year round, 7 minutes from the Domaine d’Anglas; market in Ganges on the square de l’Ormeau – Conviviality & Diversity guaranteed!
  • Saturday mornings, all year round, 20 minutes from Domaine d’Anglas : market at le Vigan – The Cévenols and Cévenoles market!
  • Sunday mornings, 15 minutes from Domaine d’Anglas, market at St Martin de Londres – Authentic and family


So when holidaying at the 4 star campsite at Domaine d’Anglas, the visit of at least one local market is essential! Indeed, the cultural discovery of the Cévennes while walking through the market stalls will remain a memorable moment of your holiday!

River and Natural swimming pool

Where to swim in the Cévennes?

During your stay in the South of France, are you looking for somewhere to swim? And you’re not sure what you would prefer in between a river or a natural swimming pool? Why not have both? At the campsite Domaine d’Anglas, there is a private access to one of the best swimming spots of the Hérault river and a natural swimming pool! there is nothing better than swimming in clear, pure water.


The Hérault river

At the North of Montpellier, the 4 star campsite Domaine d’Anglas is located right next to the Hérault river. In this idyllic setting, make the most of a relaxing time at the riverside surrounded by trees and nature. In between the Mediterranean sea and the Cévennes there are many astonishing landscapes on offer! Around here, the Hérault has created a large river bed surrounded by trees and limestone gorges.


Rivière des Gorges de l'Hérault


While children perfect their diving and playing with river-stones, the parents can have a relaxing, refreshing time by the riverside. At this point of the Hérault river, the current isn’t too strong, you can swim and have fun in this 100% natural spot. The most adventurous can go and explore the river beds with their nets to try and capture the local fauna or explore the river bottom with their goggles and snorkels. Some lucky holiday makers manage to capture a trout or some other fresh water fish…


Baignade en rivière


One of the main activities in the Gorges of the Hérault is to rent a canoe or a kayak and travel down the river. In the gorges of the Hérault river, this activity is accessible to all and takes you to the heart of one of the most beautiful protected sites of the South of France.

Along the whole length of the Hérault river, there are many canoe rental companies. Therefore, you will have many choices about the length of the activity, from 3 to 13 km, from courses for beginners to those for experienced canoeists. However, you need to be over 6 years old for this activity.


The natural swimming pool

How pleasant to escape the chlorinated public swimming pools and discover the natural swimming pool of the campsite Domaine d’Anglas. Pretty unique, this 300m² swimming pool is surrounded by stunning landscapes. At the top part of the campsite, you will be able to admire the organic vineyard, the Thaurac and the Cave of the Demoiselles while you swim and cool off.


Swimming Pool Nature to swim and detente


This swimming space is in harmony with the campsite philosophy of Domaine d’Anglas. Slightly lower than the main pool, there is second pool that, using the same principle as the lagunage theory, naturally filtrates water thanks to a system of water plants. This circular system functions with a water cascade to transfer the water from one pool to the other. This means that the swimming pool water is free of chemicals. Everyone likes to swim in a natural swimming pool and make their holiday more eco-responsable!

Far from the hassle of life, make the most of a calm moment, easy and simple for a dream-holiday… Relax in a nice and comfortable chair with your favourite book or read about the Cévennes National Park while your children can play in the children’s play area… It feels like paradise!


Rivers, natural swimming pools and camping in the Cévennes

More than just a place to swim where you find river and natural swimming pool, the Domaine d’Anglas is also a 4 star campsite.

There, you will find everything to make your holidays in the Languedoc Roussillon unforgettable. Discover for everyone’s joy : two play-areas, a sports pitch, a pitch perfect for boule,  a 6km path to go round the vineyard, a free children’s club, wine tasting sessions for the organic and sulphite free wines of the Domaine d’Anglas… but also a multifunctional reception area which doubles as a restaurant, bakery, shop, grocery store and coffee shop… Everything has been thought out so you don’t miss anything!


Vacances en tentes, camping-car ou caravanes


The campsite Domaine d’Anglas is very proud of its values: everything is thought out so everyone gets a prefect holiday that respects nature. Accordingly, many spacious and shady pitches have been created for tents, camping-cars and caravans alongside a wide choice of rented accommodation that is fully equipped, comfortable and fits harmoniously into the landscape.

Cirque de Navacelles

Camping Cirque de Navacelles

You want camping’s holidays near Cirque de Navacelles ? Don’t hesitate ! The Cirque de Navacelles is located astride the departments of the Hérault and the Gard, in the southern part of the Cévennes National Park, classified as UNESCO World Heritage since 2011.  This marvellous place is a “must-see”. Best place for Camping Cirque de Navacelles !


Camping Cirque de Navacelles


The Cirque de Navacelles is located in the Gorges of La Vis. Within this site, classified as a place to be protected by the network of Grand Sites de France (Great Sites of France), mother nature has created some beautiful places. The river has buried itself deeply into the steep sides of the Cirque and created a giant meander which hasn’t flowed for 6000 years. This phenomenon is unique from its formation  and has created a one-off site in Europe. Thanks to this, the “Cirque” is more than just a geological curiosity, it is also the result of the alchemy between man and nature. This natural protected area includes a complex local structure and an exceptional biodiversity.  The Cirque regroups numerous treasures that will enchant walkers, bikers and tourists.


Walks and hikes near the Cirque de Navacelles

 There are many walks around the Cirque de Navacelles from the village of Vissec to Madières. The two villages are separated by an impressive canyon that is 17 km long and surrounded by steep limestone cliffs.

On foot or by bike

The Gorges of La Vis can be visited on foot, by bike or even by car. These circuits offer numerous panoramas onto the Cirque de Navacelles. You will discover a protected place containing plenty of natural riches. When using the footpaths within the Cirque de Navacelle, you might be lucky enough to see a Royal Eagle.


balade en famille à navacelle


Furthermore,  you will be able to admire the many Mediterranean plants that populate the versant of the cirque.  The intoxicating scents of the scrubland, Holm oaks, boxwoods, junipers and cedars are almost overwhelming. Along the length of the river of La Vis, the big variety trees create a relaxing and cooling atmosphere. Plenty of city dwellers come here too cool off and make the most of the tranquil way of life.

The place is also at the start of a signposted walk of 10 km that takes you to the resurgence of the Foux. The river de la Vis goes underground and this is the point where it comes back out into the open.  The walk takes you to an old mill, le Moulin de la Foux. The mill has been partially restored and now houses a permanent exhibition that explains the history of the valley of La Vis and the Cirque de Navacelles.


Randonnée au Moulin de la Foulx


Swimming and Waterfalls

At the heart of the cirque, in the gorges of the Vis there is the waterfall of Navacelles. This waterfall was created after the river abandoned its meanders.  The water from la Vis flows noisily into a large basin, also fed by other small waterfalls. You can  get to the waterfall by car or thanks to a free shuttle service going from the viewpoint of the Baume d’Auriol (on the Hérault side of the cirque). Swimming isn’t forbidden but it is considered dangerous as the water is cold all year round.


Slack line au dessus du Cirque de Navacelles


Camping with swimming pool near the circus

 It’s about 40 km from the Cirque de Navacelles that the Camping d’Anglas is located. The Campsite is an ideal  point to begin exploring the region, including the Cirque de Navacelles and the Gorges of La Vis. Indeed, the campsite has an ideal location and is situated on the border of the Cévennes National Park.  Domaine d’Anglas stands out thanks to its double identity of  : beautiful campsite with label “Green Key” and Organic Vineyard.


camping cirque de navacelles avec piscine


Thanks to the warm welcome offered and numerous services, you will be able to make the most of some unusual accommodation such as a Gypsy caravans, lodges, winemaker cabins and wooden chalets. Comfortable and fully equipped, all these buildings fit into the landscape of rolling hills covered in vineyards. To everyone’s joy, there is a natural swimming pool, a children’s club and a restaurant to complete you camping experience at the Domaine d’Anglas.

The Domaine D’Anglas campsite and its team wish you a lovely holiday at the Cirque de Navacelles and the Gorges of La Vis.

Camping Mont Aigoual

Holiday camping Mont Aigoual

Holidaying in a campsite near the Mont Aigoual, is making the choice to have eco-responsible holidays. You will be in the middle of a natural environment with lots of sun in one of the most beautiful preserved areas of the South of France.


camping Mont Aigoual


Mont Aigoual is the highest point of the Cévennes National Park, classified as UNESCO World Heritage since 2011. This peak is also famous for is weather station. This site is recognised as one of the 60 stations certified by the World Meteorological Organization  as a representative climate station thanks to its long observed data record of more than 100 years.  The observatory has a museum with a permanent exhibition and the public is greeted directly in the premises of the observatory. Benefitting from an exceptional geographical emplacement, the peak of the Aigoual has an altitude of 1567m. This means a unique panorama of the Cévennes mountains and the Mediterranean sea. Depending on the weather, you might even be able to glimpse the Alps and the Pyrenees.


Table Orientation du Mont Aigoual

Visits from Mont Aigoual

Make the most of your camping holidays near Mont Aigoual and go and visit the numerous protected nature spots surrounding the peak. You are far from the seaside and its busy stretches. Many of the notable sites of the Cévennes National Park are near the Campsite Domaine D’Anglas. Numerous visits and outdoor activities are on offer.


The Mont Aigoual and the Hérault Valley are full of treasures for fans of green tourism. There are many paths to walk, a lot of mountain biking to do, accrobranche to try out and even skiing in winter. There is something for all levels and all ages. For the amateurs of white water sports, you will need to go slightly further south of the Mont Aigoual The source of the Hérault river is at an altitude of 1288 metres in some peat lands. At the beginning of its course, the river is quite wild, this happens for the first 1000m where the river forms magnificent waterfalls. The torrent calms down at the village of Valleraugue but the water remains quite lively.


vélo au sommet des cévennes


Once the river leaves the Cévennes, it digs itself a steep river bed surrounded by limestone walls, but the water is still fast. Here, mother nature has created wonderful sights.  The white waters of the river continue for another 40 km, the length of the gorges of the Hérault. This is perfect canoeing country. There are many places near Saint Guilhem le Désert that are ideal for swimming and there is the famous Pont du Diable “Devil’s Bridge” where many city dwellers come to cool off.


camping Mont Aigoual Pont du Diable



Unusual rentals near the Mont Aigoual

It is near these iconic places created by the passage of the Hérault river that you find the campsite Domaine d’Anglas. The campsite is the ideal starting point for holiday makers wishing to visit Mont Aigoual. The campsite Domaine d’Anglas enjoys an exceptional location. It is situated midway between the Cévennes and the Mediterranean sea, at the borders of the departments of the Gard and the Hérault. This unusual campsite sits in the heart of an organic vineyard and has many charming rental units close to Mont Aigoual.

You can book Gypsy caravans, lodges, wine house, cabins and wooden chalets that sit alongside classic camping pitches. In this 115 hectare property, these fully equipped rentals fit perfectly into the landscape.  For you leisure camping holidays, you are also able to reserve large and shady pitches for tents, camping cars and caravans.



During your holidays, you will also be able to experience a wine tasting. The wine of the Domaine d’Anglas is organic and without sulphites. You will also have the opportunity of napping by the river or of swimming in a natural swimming pool. Go out and discover all there is to see on an active walk round the vineyards, changes of scenery guaranteed! Here, at the Domaine D’Anglas, nothing is left to chance. From the welcome, to the services on offer, to the amenities, everything is done so that your holidays at Mont Aigoual will be unforgettable.

The Domaine D’Anglas campsite and its team wish you a lovely holiday at Mont Aigoual. 

Camping Anduze

Unusual camping near Anduze

Are you looking for a camping near Anduze? This is a 100% guarantee to be able to stay in a natural preserved setting in the Gard. Anduze is located on the outskirts of the Cévenes natural park, classified as UNESCO World Heritage since 2011. From the Camping du Domaine d’Anglas, it is possible to discover the village of Anduze and its many characters. Between rivers and mountains, the historic city of Anduze will seduce you with its climate, its relaxed lifestyle, and the richness of its heritage.


Balade dans le Train à vapeur des Cévennes à Anduze

Heritage and secrets of Anduze

Built next to the Gardon river and at the foot of the rock of Saint-Julien, Anduze managed to modernise itself while still hanging on to its authenticity. There is free signed walk around Anduze filled with enigmas that retrace the history of Anduze and adapted for 4 to 12 year olds. You will be able to discover the Clock Tower “Tour de l’Horloge”, the vestiges of the 100 year war and the Pezene Tower that is an old dungeon. The village has no fewer than 8 fountains to cool off in. The famous pagoda fountain can be found at the centre of the market square.


Walking round Anduze

You can stroll around the Rue Droite in front of all the pottery stalls . You can admire the magnificient protestant temple (one of the biggest in France). Do not forget to make a stop at the botanical gardens of the Cordelier. There are a great number of different plants that are local but also exotic. There you will also be able to see a majestic alley made of bamboo, cedars, magnolias and oaks, all magnificent trees. The park’s terrace offers a unique view point onto the whole valley and the castle of Tornac, a small Cévenol village!


Ruelles d'Anduze en Cévennes

What to see and do in Anduze?

One of the musts of your holiday in Anduze in the foothills of the Cévennes is the Bambouseraie.  This vast green space is classified as one of the most beautiful gardens in France. This unique botanical garden includes around 1000 varieties of bamboo, rare flowers, and incredible plants and trees. Don’t  forget to try and find  your way out of the bamboo labyrinth! More than a change of scenery, this is an invitation to travel! You will get to walk through gardens from different countries, it will make you feel like you are in China while still remaining in the Cévennes! After this botanical walk, don’t hesitate to try the steam train which travels between Saint-Jean-du-Gard and Anduze and includes a stop at la Bambouseraie. During this trip you will get to see some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Cévennes National Park.


Bambouseraie à Anduze

Rent a gypsy caravan or a chalet near Anduze

Relatively unique, the campsite Domaine d’Anglas  enjoys a perfect location. You will be able to make the most of a green and lush environment and quality facilities and services. The campsite offers a large diversity of housing : from the classic camping pitch for tents, caravans or camping cars, you can also rent unusual accommodation  such as Gypsy caravans, lodges, winemaker cabins and wooden chalets. Everything has been thought out to offer you a total change of scenery during your holidays near Anduze.


Location camping anduze


Comfortable and fully equipped, our different rentals for camping fit perfectly into the landscape and will delight the most  demanding people. Regarding activities, Anduze and its surroundings offer further opportunities for fun and nature-based sport activities. Accrobranche, canoeing, mountain biking and numerous walks… there is something for all ages. With family or with friends, your holidays at the Domaine d’Anglas campsite will be unforgettable.

The Domaine D’Anglas campsite and its team wish you a lovely holiday when you visit Anduze.

Saint Guilhem le Desert

Campsite and rentals near Saint Guilhem le Désert

Are you looking for a campsite near Saint Guilhem le Désert ? Do you wish to visit a place full of history and close to nature? The village of Saint Guilhem le Désert is located at the south of the Cévennes national Park, classified as UNESCO World Heritage since 2011. The village is situated 45 minutes from the train station Sud de France Montpellier. These old stones willingly reveal their treasures to anyone who takes the time to look for them. The village is one of the stages for the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela and is small medieval city classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France (Les Plus Beaux Villages de France).


Camping Saint Guilhem le desert


What do see and what to do at Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert?

Like many locals who live there all year round, you will discover that there are lots of things to keep you in Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. The climate and lifestyle here are unparalleled.

The calm of a medieval village in the Hérault

It is very nice to be able to explore the small picturesque streets with its charming little shops. You will be able to meet many of the local craftspeople. Make the most of the ambiance by sitting down in one of the cafes lining its main square. Don’t forget to admire the surprising plane tree in the centre that was planted in 1855. Discover the eventful history of the place by visiting the Gellone Abbey! It is one of the jewels of roman art, classified as UNESCO World Heritage, it contains the relics of Saint Guilhem and the true cross!


Camping saint Guilhem le Désert

Walking and canoeing near Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert

For sportsmen and walking lovers, there are many circuits of varying difficulty around Saint Guilhem. These walks have many magnificent viewpoints!

You can also use some less well known footpaths in the winemaking plain of the Hérault. The valley possesses many varied walks. On foot or by bike, there is something for all levels and all ages.

For white water sport amateurs, you will need to go slightly to the North of Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, into the gorges of the Hérault to find activities. The view points are exceptional! You will find other  natural wonders. The river flows at the bottom of steep limestone cliffs creating marvellous canoeing opportunities.  Near Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert, there is the famous Pont du Diable (Devil’s Bridge) that’s dated from the roman times. It is also classified as one of the Grand Sites de France. Numerous city dwellers come during the summer to swim in between the Pont du Diable and the bridge in Saint-Etiene d’Issensac.

Randonnée à St Guilhem le Désert

Camping near Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert

It is near this iconic place, next to a beautiful swimming spot, that the campsite Domaine D’Anglas is there to greet you. It is the perfect starting point for a visit to Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. The campsite Domaine d’Anglas makes the most of a perfect location and is remarkable for its wide range of rentals. They have taken care to keep the place as natural as possible, no static-caravans here!

location camping saint guilhem le désert


The campsite has an offer of many pitches but also a wide range of unusual lodgings. You will be able to rent Gypsy caravans, lodges, winemaker cabins and wooden chalets. Everything has been thought out to offer you a complete change of scenery during your camping holidays. Comfortable and fully equipped, these rentals fit perfectly into the landscape et will please the most difficult of you. A swimming pool, a children’s club and a restaurant come to complete all that is on offer. With your family , your friends or your partner, your holidays at Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert will be unforgettable.


The 4 star campsite Domaine d’Anglas and its team wish you a lovely holiday at Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert.

Visit the Hérault Gorges

Camping holidays in the Hérault CANYON

The Hérault Canyon are the perfect place for a camping holiday. This destination, idyllic for sunny holidays, in one of the most beautiful regions of the South of France. The Hérault Gorges are only 30 minutes travel from Montpellier, you remain detached from the main hustle of the Mediterranean beaches.  Like the Ardèche, the Hérault Gorges are also a perfect destination for a camping holiday in unspoilt nature. The Gorges are located at the foot of the Cévennes National Park, classified as UNESCO World Heritage. The Hérault Gorges were created by the Hérault river, within the mountain chain of la Séranne and they offer some spectacular viewpoints.


Gorges de l'Hérault

Camping on the edge of the Hérault river

Right next to the Hérault river, the campsite Domaine d’Anglas is the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to make the most of everything the Gorges de l’Hérault have to offer. Located in the south of the Cévennes, in the quaint village of Brissac, near the famous bridge of Saint-Etienne-d’Issenssac, the Hérault river is close to the camping. The campsite has exclusive access to one of the most iconic swimming sites of the Hérault river. Many canoeists like to stop here and make the most of this part of the river. Slightly further north, the white waters of the Hérault snake their way in between the high cliffs of the Hérault river.


Camping 4 étoiles Gorges de l'Hérault

The heritage of the Hérault Gorges

The fortified medieval village of Laroque is built on a rocky outcrop at the start of the gorges of the Hérault. The village separates the gorges from the plain of the Languedoc. Its 27 m high tower dungeon has a perfect 360° view point. Towards the sea, you fill find many sign-posted walks. You will be able to walk alongside the Hérault towards Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert and the Pont du Diable (Devil’s bridge), classified as one of the great sites of France. Only 30 minutes from the capital of the Hérault- Montpellier – the Gorges of the Hérault are a breath of fresh air in the middle of the heat of the scrubland. During the heat of the summer, many people from Montpellier come here to cool off.


Activities in the Gorges of the Hérault

Activity-wise, the Gorges of the Hérault have much to offer for outdoor fun. Mountain biking, walking, paddle boarding, canoeing, tree climbing… There is something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or not. Why not make the most of the your holidays in the Gorges of the Hérault to try out something new such as fly fishing? The clear waters that are located near the campsite Domaine d’Anglas have many fish and even some crayfish


Canoë sur le fleuve Hérault


Whilst you are in  the Gorges of the Hérault take advantage of you’re the local specialities, such as the pélardon (soft goat cheese), the sun-drenched Mediterranean products and the yummy burgers from the restaurant at the campsite Domaine d’Anglas.

The campsite of the Domaine d’Anglas is also un unmissable stage of wine tourism in the Hérault gorges.  The wine-growing estate produces organic wine, and offer a large range of wines that don’t contain sulphites belonging to the appellation Terrasses du Larzac. The Domaine d’Anglas organises many wine themed activities such as visits, tastings…


accommodation campsite in the Hérault Gorges

As a family or between friends, yours holidays in the Hérault Gorges will be unforgettable. The Camping d’Anglas is one of a kind, as it enjoys an exceptional location in a green environment and also stands out for the quality of its services and the diversity of accommodation that is on offer. The 4 star campsite Domaine d’Anglas sits in a well kept  100% natural setting. Here there are no static caravans but many large pitches and also a choice of unusual rentals chosen carefully for their quality and how they fit in with their environment. Gypsy caravans, lodges, winemaker cabins and wooden chalets make camping accessible to everyone. Everything has been thought out to offer everyone a complete change of scenery during your holiday. Comfortable and fully equipped, the campsite rentals fit perfectly into the landscape and will please the most demanding people.


Roulotte camping Gorges de l'Hérault


The Domaine D’Anglas campsite and its team wish you a lovely holiday in the Hérault Gorges.

Cévennes National Park

Stay in the Cévennes National Park

Ideally located in between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cevennes, the 4 star Campsite Domaine D’Anglas is the perfect choice for anyone wishing to spend holidays in the South of France on Camping Cévennes National Park. Go and discover the beautiful sites of the Cévennes National Park. The campsite Domaine D’Anglas is located in the commune of Brissac, in a magnificent village at the foot of the Séranne mountain. The campsite is 30 minutes from Montpellier and its beaches. The campsite, sunny in the daytime, at night has one of the most beautiful starry skies. Thus, it’s the perfect place for sun’s holidays. You will also enjoy the treasures of a still intact nature and preserved from mass tourism.




The origins of the Cévennes National Park

The Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson brought a particular interest to the Cévennes at the end of the 19th century. He described his 200km adventure across the region in his book “Travels With a Donkey” published in 1879. Edouard Alfred Martel, the creator of modern cave diving is also one of the iconic figures of the Cévennes. At the beginning of the 20th century he petitioned with many local groups for the creation of a national park. There is a double objective : protecting local culture and nature, whilst trying to slow the rural exodus.

The Cévennes natural park, created in 1970, was then recognised as a biosphere reserve in 1985. The park spans three departments : the Lozère, the Gard and the Ardèche. It is a land of causses, canyons and valleys with extraordinary landscapes. Covering 2700 km², the park is a jewel. It is also the only French national park that is located in a medium mountain range and the only one to be inhabited.  The park’s aim is to maintain and develop agro-pastoralism taking into account current ecological problems. This is why, every year, more than 400 sheep come to graze the organic vineyard surround the Domaine d’Anglas. The conservation of landscapes is an important issue of the park and tourism is one of the very important economical activities. Close to 1 million visitors come every year to discover the beauty of the park.


Agrospastoralisme au Domaine d'Anglas

What to see, what to do in the Cévennes National Park?

The Campsite Domaine D’Anglas is the ideal starting point to can and discover the Cévennes National Park. The park is , classified as UNESCO World Heritage since 2011. Most of the notable spots are close to the campsite Domaine D’Anglas. There are many activities to do such as visit the cave des Demoiselles and visit the village of Saint Guilhem le Désert. Very near to the campsite are the Gorges of the Hérault which offer the possibility of a multitude of activities such as fishing, accrobranche, mountain biking, walking or even canoeing. There is so much that a week isn’t enough to be able to do everything!


Pêche en famille


Culture and Gastronomy in the Cévennes

Food lovers will also enjoy their stay and will be able to try numerous local produce such as the pélardon (local soft goat cheese – AOP Languedoc), sweet onions and lots of things made from chestnuts…. You will also be able to try trout from a local fish farm at Saint Jean de Buèges.

Culture wise, lovers of old stones and history will also be pleased. there are many protected buildings such as the old stone bridge at Saint Etienne-d’Issensac that crosses the Hérault and was built in the middle-ages. The bridge enabled the pilgrims to cross the river, on their way to Saint Guilhem le Désert, one of the stages of the Santiago de Compostela’s pilgrimage.

Finally, the Hérault and the Gard are listed as some of the most beautiful vineyards of the region Occitanie and they have a large variety of wines on offer. Wine amateurs will be able to go to numerous tastings and start with one at the Domaine d’Anglas.


Vigne du Domaine d'Anglas à Brissac


Set at the heart of an organic vineyard, the campsite Domaine d’Anglas offer a large choice of activities for the whole family. You will find a natural swimming pool, wine related activities and a local gastronomic restaurant : la Bergerie.  A children’s club is there to look after your children from the ages of 4 to 9 during the summer season. The campsite Domaine d’Anglas is located near the Hérault river, and even has its own private beach with access to the river. At the campsite you will be able to rent canoes and make the most of the dream like place by the riverside. With your family or with your friends, your stay at the Campsite Domaine d’Anglas will be unforgettable.

Discover the Waterfall of la Vis

The Waterfall of la Vis

Which waterfall is the most beautiful of the Hérault? A lot of people will tell you that it is the Waterfall of la Vis. It is without doubt the ideal destination for some camping holidays. Located at the south of the Causses and the Cévennes which was recognised in 2011 as UNESCO World Heritage. The Gorges of the Vis notch the Causses and create stunning landscapes. The Cévennes offer a continuity of ridges and valleys at the foot of the Mont Lozère and Mont Aigoual in the Cévennes National Park. The river of La Vis and its waterfalls are very popular places for the inhabitants of the southern region of France. Many regulars come year after year to visit these places and stay at the campsite.


Cascade de la Vis


The river of la Vis is an important tributary of the Hérault river. La Vis is 58 km in length and its source is located near the pass of l’Homme Mort (the Dead Man) in the Cévennes National Park. The river crosses two departments : the Gard and the Hérault ; and a multitude of lots of beautiful places such as the Cirque de Navacelles (another extraordinary place to visit). Finally, the river runs into the Hérault at Ganges. During its course, the river meanders and possesses a lot of sunning waterfalls. There is of course the waterfall of la Vis, but also the waterfall of Navacelles. Other waterfalls that are worth discovering are those of la Meuse at Saint-Laurent-le-Minier or the one at Cazilhac. During the summer months, many of the people from Montpellier and the Cévennes come to swim in these cool waters. This waterfalls have become emblems of the region.


Cascade de la vis


Camping near the waterfall of la Vis

 It is precisely near the Waterfall of la Vis that the Camping d’Anglas is located. It is the ideal spot to make the most of the beauty of the Waterfall of la Vis. The joys of swimming in a river await you. The campsite is on the commune of Brissac, on the edge of the Hérault river and is less than 15 min from Saint-Laurent-le-Minier and from its famous Waterfall of la Vis.


Camping cascade de la vis


Saint-Laurent-le-Minier owes its name to the silver and gold mines that were exploited since the Middle Ages. Here, the river of la Vis forms a huge waterfall. A stone bridge crosses the river downstream of the waterfall. A palm grove grows near the water, at the foot of the French gardens belonging to the Castle. This exceptional place is perfect for swimming ! When you visit the waterfall make the most of your trip and also visit the fish farm of the source of la Séranne. You can even try your hand at river fishing!

The four star campsite of the Domaine d’Anglas and its team wish you a nice holiday and a wonderful discovery of the waterfall of la Vis.

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