Wine tourism in the Cévennes

There are many themed holidays for you in the Cévennes. One of the favourite themes is wine and its many wine trails. Ideally located in between Montpellier and Millau, the Domaine d’Anglas is one of the references for wine tourism in the Languedoc and in the whole of France! Indeed, with its 4 star campsite located at the heart of an organic vineyard, the Domaine d’Anglas won the gold medal in April 2020 for wine tourism trophies in the category “Stay on Spot“. Don’t miss out and come and try out wine tourism in the Cévennes.



What is wine tourism in the cevennes ?

Are you a wine fanatic that also loves green tourism? Do you wonder what wine tourism is? Wine tourism is all about discovering the universe of vines and wine making with the wine producer. It a special moment to go and visit the winemaking Domaine that will welcome you in its cellar and in the storehouse. You will get to discover and understand how wine is made, all about the wine maker’s philosophy, the history of the Domaine and the cultural legacy.  This moment of explanations is then followed by a commented wine tasting and by the purchase of your favourite bottles!



Wine tourism is the perfect excuse to go travelling. You will be able to discover all the wine producing regions of France. There are the more famous ones like Bordeaux, Alsace but the Languedoc is less well known but becoming very interesting. Indeed, the Languedoc wines have undergone many changes in the last 30 years. Many new passionate winemakers are firm believers in the potential of the region and have managed to produced some of the best wines of the Languedoc. The vines are no longer only situated in the plains but are now mainly on the hillsides. Thanks to all these new techniques and passionate people, the wines of the Languedoc are now recognised nationally and worldwide!

Innovation-wise, wine tourism is the new  emerging trend of the 21st century. For epicureans, it is the promise of the discovery of new flavours but also a perfect time to discover local gastronomy!


Apéro festif



For families, Wine Tourism translates as a way to explore French culture and traditions. These visits underline the importance of the associating winemaking and the surrounding environment: history, culture, architecture. These visits are also interesting for children as there are many activities on offer.

This trip can be moment of sharing. As a couple, with your family or with friends, make the most of this new experience in the sensory world of wine for a day, during a week-end or even during a longer holiday.



un vigneron qui explique son travail


Marvellous escape

Winemaking domains that offer experiences of wine tourism don’t lack imagination! They will greet you in their castle, their house or their campsite. They will create for you an all-inclusive holiday to make the most of this unique adventure. From the visit to the cellar, to a walk in the vines and to the moment you finally get to taste wines and tasty savoury morsels to bring the best of the flavour of each wine out, you will be overcome!


Wine tourism in the South of the Cévennes

France is well known for its vineyards and wines, especially the south of the country thanks to its vineyards warmed by the sun along the Rhône, in Provence and in the Languedoc.

Within these wine-making regions have you ever heard of the Terrasses du Larzac? Not yet? So this is the perfect time to come and discover  these elegant and refined wines. This new AOC (Appellation d’origine contrôlée, protected orgins) created in 2014 covers the land to the north-west of Montpellier. This protection regroups many passionate and ambitious winemakers looking to always improve the quality of their wines.

In between the plains of the Hérault and the plateau of the Larzac, the gorges of the Hérault have a Mediterranean climate that is perfect for the production of these wines. Here, the domains are small family run businesses, whose objectives are to produce good wines in harmony with nature. Thus, the heirs and winemakers of the south of the Cévennes had no choice but to open their domains to wine fanatics so that everyone could discover these wines.


Camping et Vignoble du Domaine d'Anglas


It is well known that 1 holidaymaker in 3 ranks good wines and good food as  the most important factors of a good holiday. It is therefore natural for those who love the south of France to want to share their art of living.  Thus, the vineyards of the Cévennes like the Domaine d’Anglas have  created a space to meet people. These discoveries always rhyme with friendliness and professionalism and the incarnation of their cévennol origins by accommodations, restaurant, wine tasting….


Domaine d’Anglas: campsite and organic vineyard

Located in the South of the Cévennes National Park, the Domaine d’Anglas, 4 star campsite and organic vineyard is one of the unmissable places of wine tourism in the Cévennes. The campsite lies along the edge of the Hérault river and is surrounded by 12 hectares of wines and 115 hectares of nature to go and explore.


Moment convivial au Domaine d'Anglas


Here nothing is left to chance. In a 100% natural environment, you will get to stay in a  riverside campsite with comfortable and unusual accommodation such as: gipsy caravans, a winemaker’s hut, a wooden chalet… You will get to have a wine tasting session of organic and sulphite free wines at the Domaine d’Anglas wine shop. You can also register for a Winemaker’s Night like the Wine and Cheese Tour.

But that isn’t all! the is also a circuit which takes you round the organic vineyard on foot or by bike. You will be able to try our tasty chef’s dishes made from local produce at the campsite restaurant La Bergerie. All the dishes can be accompanied by a bottle of wine of the Domaine d’Anglas. From the campsite, you can also make the most of its many view points and the 300 m2 natural swimming pool!



Swimming Pool Nature to swim and detente

Thus, at the campsite and the organic vineyard of the Domaine d’Anglas, experience much more than a simple holiday! It is an unforgettable moment of wine tourism in the Cévennes!


Cycling in the Cévennes

Visit the Cévennes on your bicycle

With its winding roads and breathtaking scenery, the Cévennes National Park make many cyclists happy. At the south of the Cévennes, where the Campsite Domaine d’Anglas is, you will find seldom travelled roads and many paths for you cycling trips. The Cévennes National Park, is  classified Unesco World Heritage. The park has many diverse landscapes that make for great cycle rides for cycling in Cevennes !


Vacances VTT en Cévennes


Whether you are with your partner, family or friends, if you like cycling the region will seduce you. In the Cévennes there 123 tarred mountain passes and many others that are not tarred but easily accessible with a mountain bike. Cycling is a fantastic way to discover the landscapes of the Cévennes. There are many signed loops for different levels to explore the many dramatic sites of the Cévennes such as the climb to Mont Aigoual via the pass of the Espérou, or the pass of the Luzette, or the loop of the Miners Pass.

During your stay, discover the vélorail which follows old train tracks. Each bicycle can sit up to 4 people so it is perfect for a family activity. There is vélorail site one only 40 minutes from the campsite. The activity is fun for old and young.


The most beautiful cycle ride of the Cévennes : the Corniche des Cévennes

Fifty minutes from the campsite Domaine d’Anglas, discover la Corniche des Cévennes. This road follows the mountain ridge in between Saint Jean du Gard and Florac (in the Lozère) and is an ancient royal road. Initially used for the sheep’s transhumance, the road was then used during the war by the camisards (French Huguenots) to get from Nîmes to Saint-Flour. The road travels through two beautiful cévennol valleys: the Vallée Borgne and the Vallée Française. With many breathtaking panoramas, this mythical road is ideal for a cycling escapade.  During the ride, you will also be able to see many of the traditional cévennol buildings such as bancels, magnaneries and the old chestnut fields.


Vacances vélo en Cévennes

Visit the Hérault by bike

The department of the Hérault has more than 550 km of cycle routes round the campsite Domaine d’Anglas! You can discover these routes located between the Larzac and the Mediterranean sea by renting a bicycle at the campsite Domaine d’Anglas, here are some of the best cycle routes to discover:

Voie verte “Green Lane” in between Ganges and Sumène : over 4,5 cycle down the old railway line and discover some of the old railway facilities such as tunnels, viaducts. There also some fantastic landscapes to see.

Around Saint Guilhem le Désert- and the Gorges of the Hérault : these two protected sites are surrounded by 125 km of signed cycle routes. The altitudes have a difference of 530m. These are perfect for out-of-door lovers!

The lake of Salagou: this lake is 60km from the campsite Domaine d’Anglas and is perfect for all nature lovers. There are over 18 circuits and 274 km of signed cycle routes: discover the landscapes of the Mediterranean. The lake is known for the red sand of its beaches which contrast with the green of the surrounding trees. During your bike ride at Lac du Salagou, between vineyards in AOP Terrasses du Larzac and atypical villages, admire the colors that nature gives: it’s wonderful! On sunny days, explore the richness of Hérault by bike!


Vacances VTT Hérault

Family cycling in cevennes and camping holidays

The campsite Domaine d’Anglas, located in the Hérault at the border with the Gard, is ideal for your sporty holidays. In between the Cévennes and the Mediterranean sea, the campsite is ideally situated if you want to visit France with a bicycle. At the heart of an organic vineyard, at the riverside of the Hérault with its natural swimming pool, it is the perfect campsite! A the Domaine d’Anglas, you will find a Restaurant “la Bergerie” facing the vines, a bakery, a food shop, a bike rental station, clothes washing facilities and children’s play areas. This is perfect for comfortable cycling holidays in the South of France!


Pitches for camping cyclists

Are you thinking of having a natural camping and cycling holiday? Chose a riverside pitch near organic vines within 5 hectares of nature. The pitches are wide and shady. During your cycling holiday, you will be able to discover the natural wonders within the Gorges of the Hérault!


Unusual rentals

Are you more into all-comfort holidays? Then you can stay in one of the unusual rentals of the 4 star campsite Domaine d’Anglas. You can have your beds done before your arrival, fully equipped kitchens and a cleaner at the end of your stay! There are no mobile-homes. At the Domaine d’Anglas, chose between a gypsy caravan, luxurious cottage, wooden chalet, winemakers hut,  or the cottage Nature.


Cycling circuit the winemaker’s path

One of the unmissables during your cycling holiday at the Domaine d’Anglas is the cycling path that takes you around the organic vineyard. Over 6 km, discover the vines and the many viewpoints of the Cévennes, the Terrasses du Larzac and the local fauna.


Tente de campeurs

Be it with your town bike, mountain-bike, folding-bike, tandem, fatbike, recumbent bike, there are many possibilities to discover the Cévennes or the Hérault by bike, and to mark a stop at the campsite Domaine d’Anglas.

With your family, partner or friends, come and have your dream cycling holiday at the campsite Domaine d’Anglas.



Canoeing and kayaking in the Cévennes

The joys of canoeing and kayaking in the Cévennes

Going down the Hérault river in either a canoe or a kayak is one of an essentials of any holiday down in the South of France. The gorges of the Hérault are classified as one of the “Grand Sites de France” (exceptional places in France), Unesco world heritage and Natura 2000 (Europe-wide nature protection). At the 4 star campsite of the Domaine d’Anglas, North of Montpellier in Brissac, everything is done enhance your canoeing experience. You can reserve on site and there is a free shuttle that leaves from the campsite. You will also get a one-to-one explanation for a safe activity and you can even order a picnic pannier at the campsite’s Restaurant “La Bergerie” which is ideal for your day on the river for canoeing and kayaking in the Cévennes !

Imagine … unspoiled nature, a sparkling river, breathtaking landscapes as well as calm and serenity just for you! According to your desires, your rhythm, listen to the surrounding fauna, the sound of paddles, the lapping of the water … The sensations are unique during a canoe-kayak trip! Whether you choose kayaking or canoeing, you will bathe in the sweetness of life for a day: for sure !


Canoe Kayak en Cévennes

Discover the Gorges of the Hérault

The canyon of the Gorges of the Hérault was made by the Hérault river, starts just by the Campsite Domaine D’Anglas, at the foot of the Cévennes. The river is 150 km in length and flows through a protected but a wild natural environment. Geographically, the river begins at la Maison de l’Aigoual and goes right down to the Mediterranean sea.  The Gorges do not run the full length of the river but finish at St Guilhem le Désert and go through Laroque, Saint Bauzille de Putois and Brissac. In 2010, the Gorges were recognised “Grand Site Occitanie Sud de France”. The river is a good place for swimming, canoeing, walking and also caving. You will find two distinctive landscapes along the river: up north, the landscape is very rocky and steep whereas down south it is a greener.

Around the river, there are plenty of sites of interest to visit : the Cave of les Demoiselles, the bridge at Saint Etienne d’Issensac, the Ravine des Arcs, the abbey of Gellone that was built in 804  and the Pont du Diable (bridge of the devil). The last two buildings are on the list of protected monuments and are included in the routes of Santiago de Compostela.


bandeau gorges hérault


Which  course to chose for Canoeing and kayaking in the Cévennes

With our partner Canoë le Moulin, we will make sure your day is perfect : you will have nothing to worry about ! You can chose how long you want your activity to last; 2 hours, a half day, a whole day… anything is possible ! The campsite Domaine d’Anglas has thought of everything to make your day perfect from booking, to the food, to the free shuttle. This is a perfect way to have a lovely day canoeing down the Hérault river 30 minutes from Montpellier.


From 6 years on :

  • Family course of 7 km and accessible for children and their families older than 6 years. You can even take your place in a canoe that seats 3 people ! Fun and gives you the opportunity for a change of scenery,  you start from the Pont de Fer (metal bridge) at Saint Bauzille de Putois, and finish at the base of Aubanel in Brissac.
  • For the whole family there is another course of 9 km. The overall course is calm but there are a couple of rapids to give yourself that little bit of excitement.  This course will give you the opportunity to chill out on the banks of the Hérault river situated along the land of the Domaine d’Anglas campsite. This course takes about 2 and a half hours but you can include plenty more time for picnics, swimming and games !


From 12 years on :

  • Experience the thrill of this little 3 km course ! You have to be over 12, but you get to go over obstacles called the S, the little S and the Laroque slider!
  • From Laroque to the hanging bridge at St Bauzille de Putois, the 6 km course is quite sporty ! At the beginning of the descent, experience the thrills of the rapids whilst admiring the varied and sensational landscape! The course takes about 2 hours not including breaks and you have to be over 12.
  • Looking for a lot of fun and excitement? Don’t hesitate to try the 13 km course! You will need about 3 and a half hours to complete the course not including breaks and you will get to go over the Laroque slide. This is one of the most beautiful courses of the Hérault river and is perfect for all nature lovers.
  • Do you wish to experience a complete emersion in the Hérault river ? Give yourself a treat and try out the 17 km descent in between Ganges and Pont de Saint Etienne d’Issensac. The course lasts 6 hours and is full of adventures and new discoveries.


Vacances Hérault Canoë Kayak


Which campsite to chose to be close to a Cévenol river ?

Staying at the riverside campsite of the 4 star campsite Domaine D’Anglas is a good choice to make the most of your nature-themed week-end.  In a preserved and quiet setting, the Domaine d’Anglas is one of the most beautiful campsites of the Occitanie region! One of the charms of the campsite is its waterside localisation, and its 300m² natural swimming pool. During your stay in the Cévennes, you will be able to swim, relax, fish, observe nature, sunbathe


Rentals and camping pitches at the Domaine d’Anglas campsite

For you canoe-themed week-end, you can chose the Domaine d’Anglas campsite situated in the middle of an organic vineyard. You will be able to chose from unusual types of rentals such as a Gypsy caravan, lodge, winemaker cabin, wooden chalet, a luxury cottage, the Gîte or even a family igloo ! Depending on what you want to do you can sleep in a tent, a campervan or caravan on one of the spacious and shaded camping pitches. The campsite has a lot of facilities including play areas, football pitches, or places to play boule, ping-pong tables and for the smaller children there is a low zip line, slides, and a pirate boat ! Besides the canoes, you also have the opportunity to rent bicycles to cycle round the Cévennes.

So don’t hesitate, the Domaine d’Anglas campsite is the dream campsite for your canoeing holiday!

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