Our natural swimming pool

In complete harmony with the Domaine d’Anglas philosophy, enjoy a re-energizing swimming in our natural pool!

This pool was built in 2017 and operates on the lagoon principle with a 300m3 swimming basin and a filtered water basin with plants. All of this offers the possibility to enjoy a dip in water generously heated by the sun, healthy without chemicals overlooking a panoramic view on le Thaurac.

A 100% natural setting, a moment of biological refreshment and well-being guaranteed!

Water naturally filtered by plants, a rather simple principle, we explain you: 

Our organic pool is composed of two basins which communicate with each other through a waterfall. The first pool is for swimming. The other basin is the regeneration zone, which is shallower, and contains aquatic plants and micro-organisms whose function is to purify and clean the bathing water.

Swimming in fresh water free of chemicals is not a dream but a reality!

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