Cave of the Demoiselles

Discover the Cave of the Demoiselles

The Cave of the Demoiselles are often compared to an underground cathedral. The caves are located in the commune of Saint-Bauzille-du-Putois, and are a must-see during your holidays in the Cévennes. They are near Ganges and only a 35 minutes drive from Montpellier, 40 minutes from Anduze and roughly the same from Nîmes. The exceptional site of Languedoc has been classed as a national natural monument to be protected.

Marvel of the underground world, the visit is worthwhile and magical. The cave is also nicknamed the cave of the fairies as legend said that the cave was once inhabited by these mythical creatures. This feeling of enchantment is perpetrated today with the whitish drape of the sparkling stalactites. The biggest part of the cave is a room that is 120m wide, 48 m deep and 52m high.

The cave was first discovered in the 17th century, but was only really explored by Edouard Alfred MARTEL in 1884. At that time,  it took 14 hours to go round the main part of the cave systems. The cave was opened up to the public in 1931 when the tourist funicular was built.


Grotte des Demoiselles


Visit the cave of the Demoiselles

Dive into an extraordinary travel by visiting the Cave of the Demoiselles. In between friends and family, give yourself a moment out of time in the depths of the earth in the Languedoc Roussillon.

A step out of time

The building of the first underground tourist funicular means the caves are now easy to access by the general public. Walk though the different tunnels and rooms to discover these magnificent rock formations that sparkle. The blocks of delicate rock are lit up to bring out the different shapes.  These shapes were sculpted by water over thousands of years, and are all of different shapes and colours. The many stalactites, stalagmites, colons, translucent drapes and calcite flows create a magnificent and fantastic show.

They constitute a veritable library of geological times. A thousand forms are to be admired : gargoyles, organs, royale mantle, but also basin, santons of Provence,…  The most famous shape is called the “virgin and the child” : sculpted by millions of drops of water, the statue sits on its double pedestal and takes your breath away! These elements even impress the fathers of modern speleology (Edouard-Alfred Martel, Robert de Joly…).

True cathedral of the depths, nature has made something marvellous here that was hidden from mankind during centuries! Take part in this unique supernatural journey!

The guided visit lasts an average of 1 hour and 10 minutes and the ambient temperature is of 14-15°C all year round. You will find all useful information to visit the Cave of the Demoiselles at the campsite reception of Domaine d’Anglas.


Grotte des Demoiselles à St Bauzille de Putois


A unique view onto the Cévennes

After the spectacular visit of the Cave of the Demoiselles, at the centre of the earth, give yourself a breather! Make the most of the massif of the Thaurac to appreciate the panoramic 180° view onto the Valley of  the Hérault. You will be able to see the majestic Pic St Loup, to its right the Pic D’Anjeau and further back, the Mont Aigoual.

The most beautiful view of the Cévennes it’s here, at the Cave of the Demoiselles that you will have it : don’t hesitate !


paysage sur la rivière de l'hérault


Camping near the cave of the Demoiselles

The Campsite Domaine d’Anglas enjoys an exceptional situation near the Cave of the Demoiselles. Only minutes from the Cave of the Demoiselles and on the Hérault riverside, the campsite is situated in a charming and natural location. Indeed, it is located at the heart of an organic vineyard of 115 ha, surrounded by an abundant nature.

The Camping of Domaine d’Anglas is an unmissable touristic destination for wine amateurs. During your holidays in the South of France, make the most of all the possible activities such as exploring the vineyard during a “Wine and Cheese Tour“. You can also walk along the 6 km long “sentier vigneron” (Wine Trail) which you are free to follow round the vines. At the end of your walk, you can have a free wine-tasting of organic wines at the shop.

A the 4 star Camping of Domaine d’Anglas, there is a large choice of holiday accommodation such as Gypsy caravans, lodges, wine house, wooden chalets and guesthouses that can have up to 7 people staying in them. For families wanting to have a full immersion into nature, there are several pitches located right next to the river. Once there, make the most of relaxing in the natural swimming pool with a view onto the Thaurac and the Cave of the Demoiselles. Savour the delicious dishes that are lovingly prepared at the campsite restaurant La Bergerie. The restaurant is open every day for lunch and evening meals in July and August.



The Camping of the Domaine D’Anglas  and its team wish you a lovely holiday at the Cave of the Demoiselles.

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