Wine trail
hike in the heart of our organic vineyard

Want a breath of fresh air? Get back in touch with nature and take our wine trail, a fun and sporty walk!

Get back to basics and admire the beauty of the landscape as you walk through the green and white oak forests, the garrigue and its aromatic plants, and the Domaine d’Anglas vineyards which are managed in Organic farming. You will also walk along a beautiful river: the Hérault. It’s a 6 km trail in the heart of a 115 ha estate of attractive and authentic nature!

A pleasant hike, ideal for a picnic in the middle of nature, to recharge your batteries with family, friends or alone! May be done walking or biking!

1,2,3, go ! For a life-size hike!

Put your sneakers on and go to Domaine d’Anglas for the starting point! Park your car and go to the reception of the Domaine d’Anglas campsite. You will be given the Wine Trail Guide. Then, follow the signposting and its 17 information boards along this 6km trail in the heart of a 12 ha Organic vineyard.

This route reveals magical views of the medieval castle of Brissac, the Gorges de l’Hérault and the Mont Aigoual. Halfway, you may enjoy a picnic area in the heart of the vineyards for a snack in the utmost comfort and in absolute peace: you are alone in the world!

Throughout the tour, you will discover Domaine d’Anglas in all its forms. Its history, its philosophy and the different grape varieties that make up the character of the estate’s Organic wines. You will also learn about agropastoralism and its function in the work of the vineyard. Depending on the season, you may even come across a flock of sheep. Indeed, from December to March, 500 sheep graze the Organic vines and fertilise the soil. This meeting with the shepherd and his flock is a unique moment for young and old!

After exercice, the comfort

At the end of your hike in the Cévennes on the Domaine d’Anglas Wine Trail, a tasting of our ORGANIC wines is offered ! Take the opportunity to discover the lovely shop of the DPO AOP Terrasses du Larzac wines from our Organic vineyard.

So take a break for a few days and go on a Green Tourism tour. This experience will do you a world of good! Nature, peace and wide open spaces, that’s what the Domaine d’Anglas campsite has in store for you.

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