4 November 2017

The campsite was beautiful, the staff were very polite and helpful. We chose to stay in a gypsy caravan and we were not disappointed. It was a lovely place to come in to after a day out. We went mid September, so it was great to see a little radiator in the caravan, there was only one but it did heat up the whole caravan (you only needed it on at night to be fair). The location was perfect, the walking routes were very scenic and it was only 1.5 hours drive to the beach. It’s safe to say that we enjoyed ourselves very much and we would definitely love to come back.


Au Camping, séjournez sur nos emplacements spacieux ou dans nos locations insolites !
Au Restaurant, savourez nos savoureux Burgers !
A la Boutique-Caveau, venez déguster les Vins Bio et sans sulfites !

A très vite !                                             Réservez dès maintenant !