Ecological campsite in « cévennes » and organic vineyard


An identity

Much more than just an ecological campsite in the Cevennes, Domaine d’Anglas is also an organic vineyard. In the family since 1896, Domaine d’Anglas produces organic wines without added sulphites on 12 hectares in PDO AOP Terrasses du Larzac and PDO AOP Languedoc designations. Here, everything is made in a traditional way: from vine to cellar, it is the hand of man that prevails! A committed and passionate work in the respect of nature to offer refined and daring wines.

An organic certification

Domaine d’Anglas wines have been certified in Organic Agriculture since 1999.

Since then, Roger Gaussorgues has not used chemical products on his land. He respects a very precise set of specifications and bans all chemical weeding as well as all use of synthetic treatment products. To control powdery mildew, Roger Gaussorgues may use sulphur, as well as copper for the prevention of mildew. The wine-making process is also eco-responsible: here, quality is favoured over quantity.

Organic vineyard in agropastoralism

Sustainable development is the key to the proper functioning of organic vineyard. Indeed, located at the gateway to the Cévennes National Park, agropastoralism is a mainstay of local territory. This is why, each year during the winter, 500 sheep come to graze the organic vineyards of Domaine d’Anglas. In collaboration with the shepherd, the flock results in fertilising naturally the soil and maintaining the grassing in the vineyard, a real cooperative job to protect the environment! This is why the sheep has become the emblem of Domaine d’Anglas and is also featured on each wine label.

Explore our Organic vineyard

Make the most of your holiday at the ecological Campsite in « Cévennes » to go behind the scenes of our Organic vineyard! Every Thursday in summer and Saturday in May, June and September, take part in our winemaker events with the « Wine & Cheese Tour ». The winegrower, Roger Gaussorgues, takes you on board his harvest trailer for 2h30 of full immersion in the world of organic wine. Together, you will visit the cellar and the century-old chai of the Organic vineyard, listen to 5 generations of history, then you will get back to taste all the organic wines on the lovely terrace of our restaurant « la Bergerie ». A magical moment for all epicureans and lovers of local products!

Dégustation & vente de nos vins BIO

These noble wines are the fruit of committed and passionate work of Carole and Roger Gaussorgues in Organic Agriculture. You will appreciate the sincerity of their vintages. They reflect a unique vineyard flirting with the pure air of Larzac and the sun of Languedoc.

Find the whole range of red, white and rosé organic wines on the Domaine d’Anglas vineyard website and also directly in the Domaine d’Anglas boutique-cellar.

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Méta description: Nestled in the heart of an organic vineyard, the Domaine d’Anglas campsite offers an unforgettable wine tourism experience.

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