Lake Salagou

The bright colours of lake salagou

Located in the middle of red rock hills, Lac du Salagou offers its visitors a unique palette of colours. It is impossible not to fall in love with this place. The colors of the Salagou are due to a combination of several geological phenomena. The red of the “ruffes” (iron oxide-laden sediments) rubs shoulders with the volcanic basalt in harmony with the blue of the sky and the lake.

Man-made in the late 1960s, Lac du Salagou is an artificial body of water that allows irrigation of surrounding crops. Lake Salagou is 7 km long and covers an area of 750 ha and regulates the flooding of the Lergue River and also the Hérault River.

What activities at the Salagou?

Its geology and biodiversity make it a unique place! To discover it, you must know how to «lose» or not… The most classic path is probably the one that will take you to the beach of the nautical base of the banks of the Salagou. You can practice many water sports: sailing, catamaran, paddle, pedal boat… It is also a famous «spot» for predatory fishing.

Lazing or water activities, the lake offers you a breathtaking panorama. Ideal playground for hiking, swimming places are arranged on the shores of the Lake and will allow you to refresh yourself.

Do not hesitate to go to the village of Celles on the north shore. There you will find a rather special universe. Evacuated when the Lac du Salagou was launched, the village of Celles was to be engulfed but never was. He lives again today for the pleasure of holidaymakers.


One of the most beautiful ways to admire the Lac du Salagou is to climb the Mont Liausson that overlooks it. At 535 m altitude, it is a living postcard that will reward hikers. To get there, take the direction of Salasc and then follow the small road that crosses the village of Mourèze. Then, at the exit of the village, take the road towards Liausson. At sunset, the land of the Salagou reveals its latest hues. And here you have the promise of unforgettable images and memories.

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