Paragliding and hang-gliding in cévennes

Rise up

A sport of freedom:

In the Grands Causses as in the South Cévennes, paragliding is an activity accessible to all ages. By its warm and cold draughts, the wind carries us from one place to another for our greatest pleasure! Nature surrounds us throughout the flight. From heaven to earth, a 360-degree view provides a magical and incomparable feeling of freedom.

The magic of paragliding in Cévennes:

Unlike parachute jumping, paragliding reflects softness, calm and relaxation. Indeed, once the adrenaline of takeoff has passed, your muscles relax and your mind takes a break. It is then a real adventure for a fairy journey that begins. Open your eyes wide and admire the beauty of the Cevennes landscapes that are unveiled: the Herault Gorges, the Buèges valley, the Cevennes massif with Mont Aigoual, the Thaurac plateau, etc.


During his holidays it is often difficult to know where to fly paragliding? Thus, in the Cévennes, several sites near the Camping Domaine d’Anglas allow you to practice your favorite outdoor activity. In addition, fans of aerial sports will be delighted because each site reveals a new facet of the Cévennes.

La Séranne

North of Montpellier, just 10 minutes from the Domaine d’Anglas, the Séranne is one of the flagship paragliding sites in Languedoc. Located in the heart of the garrigue, the Séranne mountain offers an incomparable view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes massif. Moreover, when the sky is clear, the Mont Ventoux and the first mountains of the Pyrenees: the Canigou take shape in the distance. It is a view with an exceptional panorama!

There are 3 launch sites (Championship, Roc Blanc and Namibia) and landing sites (Coupiac, Les Prats and Les Euzes). For all information and advice on the Séranne website contact the FFVL.

Puncho d’Agast

Close to Millau, 1h from the Domaine d’Anglas, the site of Puncho D’Agast is located at the southwestern tip of Causse Noir. Here, the plateaux of Larzac are unveiled with in the foreground the city of Millau and its viaduct internationally renowned. However, on this site, watch out for the whims of nature… Indeed, in these places it is not recommended to fly in paragliding in violent wind; safety is not assured there.

At Puncho d’Agast, three take-off sites are possible: on the North-West, West/South-West and South/South-East sides.

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