The speleology
in Cévennes

Between the Ardèche and the Tarn, the Cévennes of southern France are the ideal terrain for caving. Indeed, by its causses and valleys, the Cevennes are full of unknown underground treasures. Thus, beginners and experienced speleologists are numerous for their holidays at the Domaine d’Anglas to discover the Cevennes underground world!

An atypical adventure

With family or friends, you go on a journey into the bowels of the earth. A magical and unique discovery within everyone’s reach. Down here, the sun’s rays barely break through and the luminosity is low. However, before your eyes follow an extraordinary underground landscape: meanders, cavities, caves, stalagmites, stalactites… In this atypical adventure, also take the time to listen to the beauty of silence !

Speleology and Science

Much more than a simple sporting activity, caving is also a scientific adventure to discover the fauna and flora underground. Indeed, many insects, invertebrates or bats live in the darkness of caves. That’s not all, geology also takes an important place where limestone strata mix with volcanic and glacial cavities.

Or go caving in the Cevennes?

In the Hérault as in the Gard many natural caves allow you to practice caving. Depending on accessibility, the necessary equipment, the duration of exploration …, only experienced or expert cavers will be able to access it.


In the Cevennes, Mother Nature has created wonders such as:

  • The Grotte des deux Fours: Between Ganges and Le Vigan, in the Rieutor valley, a half-day experience to discover aragonites, fistulous and other geological concretions (5min from the Domaine d’Anglas) – Beginner level
  • The Begue-Ponchon Network: A day immersion in the abysses of the earth to meet stalactites and stalagmites (30min from the Domaine d’Anglas) – Beginner level
  • The Abyss of Rabanel: One of the most renowned in the Languedoc by its size and beauty, this vertical descent requires without cold and professionalism (10min from the Domaine d’Anglas) – Expert level

Speleology stay at Domaine d’Anglas

Are you looking for accommodation for your caving stay in the Cevennes? The Domaine d’Anglas is the ideal place for your sporting holidays. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cévennes National Park, this charming 5-star campsite is very close to the flagship caving sites that are the Grotte des deux Fours and the Grotte de la Fausse Monnaie.

30 minutes from Montpellier, in a beautiful and preserved nature, put your tent or park your camper on one of the large green pitches of this organic vineyard. For those who want more comfort, you will have the choice among 10 unusual quality rentals: cottage, trailer, chalet, cabin, lodge, cottage …

To fully enjoy your caving stay in the Gorges de l’Hérault, the Domaine d’Anglas brings together: bakery service, restaurant, grocery store, natural swimming pool… Plus, after a descent into the bowels of the earth, indulge in a refreshing swim in the river or a glass of organic sulphite-free wine from the family estate.

At Domaine d’Anglas, your family holiday in the Cévennes will remain an unforgettable memory!

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