Climbing in the buèges valley

Cevennes climbing

The climbing spots in the south of the Cévennes are exceptional. So, when you want to rise to admire the landscape and enjoy yourself, it’s all the more spectacular! Indeed, from the Pic St Loup to the Séranne through St Guilhem le Désert, Saint Jean de Buèges and the Thaurac plateau, the climbing spots are numerous and worth climbing!

Climbing in the demoiselles cave, on the thaurac plateau

Only 5 km from the Camping du Domaine d’Anglas, the Thaurac plateau of Saint Bauzille de Putois is a well-known spot in the region by all climbers. It is on this UNIQUE site that several routes are developed. The limestone cliff is at an altitude of 250m. The 610 routes (main track and rind) also allow children to practice climbing. From level 4a to 8b, the different cliffs each offer a different panorama. They range from 5 to 100 meters high. Some overlook the Hérault river or the Montoulieu valley, while others head towards Pic St Loup. It is a popular spot in Montpellier and also a dream destination for all lovers of climbing. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, outdoor climbing on the Thaurac massif is fabulous!

Climbing at pic st loup

30 minutes from Camping du Domaine d’Anglas discover Le Pic Saint Loup. It is a magnificent natural site emblematic of the region called “Le Pic”. Its summit, which rises to 658 metres, is visible by a large part of the Heraultis and Cévenols. It is an exceptional climbing site in Hérault.

This well-known climbing site is sporty. Named the Escargot Balm, it lists 30 routes. The cliff facing north, sometimes covered with lichen has a height of 40 meters at most: climbing at Pic St Loup is earned. For starters, it’s time for a 45-minute south-facing walk. Then 40 meters of reminder are necessary and you will finally have arrived at the tracks that go from 7a to 9a.  The effort is to be expected if you want to have fun on the Pic Saint Loup. What is certain is that it is worth the detour and that the view is spectacular! Another Terrain d’aventure site is also accessible from the north face of Pic St Loup.

Climbing in the buèges valley on the territory of the great peak st-loup

The village of Saint Jean de Buèges is located just a few minutes from the Camping du Domaine d’Anglas. Take the opportunity to go climbing during the day and come to relax at the campsite after dark. Facing west and south, the cliffs of Buèges are set in a rural and soothing setting. Climbing is easy, 5c to 7b. With sunny climbing spots all day long, do you enjoy! Dare you climb the Roc de TrasCastel? A 70-metre rocky prow overlooking the medieval Baulx Castle.

Several of these exceptional climbing sites are located in a Natura 2000 protected area. Wild, animal or plant species identified as rare or fragile are therefore present in the natural environment. It is recommended to respect the facilities put in place to preserve this beautiful and authentic nature.

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Via ferrata en cévennes

Between climbing, hiking and caving: discover the rocky walls of Languedoc Roussillon. The course, ranked TOP 5 among the Via Ferrata in Cévennes is only 2 kilometers from the Camping du Domaine d’Anglas. The Thaurac via ferrata in Saint-Bauzille-de-putois is known for being the longest and most varied family route.  Above the Demoiselles Cave, on the Thaurac plateau, you will overlook the Hérault river and admire Mont Aigoual. The environment of this natural site is preserved and really worth a visit. Whether you are with friends or family, know that the course is accessible for young and old. On this atypical track of about 3 hours, do yourself a pleasure: it’s super GREAT!

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