The waterfall of la vis

Discover the waterfall of la vis

Which waterfall is the most beautiful of the Hérault? A lot of people will tell you that it is the Waterfall of la Vis. It is without doubt the ideal destination for some camping holidays. Located at the south of the Causses and the Cévennes which was recognised in 2011 as UNESCO World Heritage. The Gorges of the Vis notch the Causses and create stunning landscapes. The Cévennes offer a continuity of ridges and valleys at the foot of the Mont Lozère and Mont Aigoual in the Cévennes National Park. The river of La Vis and its waterfalls are very popular places for the inhabitants of the southern region of France. Many regulars come year after year to visit these places and stay at the campsite.

The river of la Vis is an important tributary of the Hérault river. La Vis is 58 km in length and its source is located near the pass of l’Homme Mort (the Dead Man) in the Cévennes National Park. The river crosses two departments : the Gard and the Hérault ; and a multitude of lots of beautiful places such as the Cirque de Navacelles (another extraordinary place to visit). Finally, the river runs into the Hérault at Ganges. During its course, the river meanders and possesses a lot of sunning waterfalls. There is of course the waterfall of la Vis, but also the waterfall of Navacelles. Other waterfalls that are worth discovering are those of la Meuse at Saint-Laurent-le-Minier or the one at Cazilhac. During the summer months, many of the people from Montpellier and the Cévennes come to swim in these cool waters. This waterfalls have become emblems of the region.

Campsite near the waterfall of la Vis

It is precisely near the waterfall of la Vis that the Camping d’Anglas is located. It is the ideal spot to make the most of the beauty of the waterfall of la Vis. The joys of swimming in a river await you. The campsite is on the commune of Brissac, on the edge of the Hérault river and is less than 15 min from Saint-Laurent-le-Minier and from its famous waterfall of la Vis.

Saint-Laurent-le-Minier owes its name to the silver and gold mines that were exploited since the Middle Ages. Here, the river of la Vis forms a huge waterfall. A stone bridge crosses the river downstream of the waterfall. A palm grove grows near the water, at the foot of the French gardens belonging to the Castle. This exceptional place is perfect for swimming ! When you visit the waterfall make the most of your trip and also visit the fish farm of the source of la Séranne. You can even try your hand at river fishing!


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